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We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs and education experts dedicated to enhancing the UAE school self-evaluation process and to assisting schools achieve excellence in education.

SEVA is an Abu-Dhabi Hub71 Startup, led by a team of esteemed educators and mentors, and backed by over 10 years of experience in the education space and system development, bringing the latest EdTech solutions to the MENA region.


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Take ownership of your school's professional development

Seva enables staff to hone their strengths and identify improvement areas, empowering you to achieve academic excellence beyond the school inspection.

Save time and effort and focus on what matters most to the school’s development

Save 100+ hours a year using Seva digital school inspection application and fulfill the UAE school inspection requirements.

Oversee the school’s development in one integrated platform

Seva’s organizational structure allows for the centralized storage of all data. In addition to defining how future changes might be made, self-evaluation becomes a completely integrated process.

Leverage an opportunity for growth and self-improvement

Seva increases the value of standards and provides evaluations of true weight. A structural strategy is in place to encourage improvement, and your staff will be better informed of what is expected of them.