UAE School Self-Evaluation Made Easy!

Save 100+ hours a year using Seva’s digital platform and meet the UAE school inspection requirements in 3 easy steps:

How it works

Built by the education experts, for the people in the education space

Our platform is built to optimize and streamline the process of school strategic planning, including school self-evaluation, and preparing for school inspection approval—in a user-friendly environment.

Set up your school

  • Add your teaching staff and classes
  • Assign teachers and classes to the Performance Standards 

Add reviews

  • The teachers add the reviews to their assigned classes
  • The Head of Department(s) and Principles keep tabs on the reviews
  • They can provide feedback via comments, and post their own review

Generate your SEF Report

  • The Principal evaluates all the reviews and makes amends as needed
  • The Principal prepares the final reviews to be submitted for inspection

Inspector reviews your input

  • That’s it ➝ from here the inspector will take it forward
  • The inspector will see your school’s review


Build the right blocks for achieving excellence in education

Find the missing piece in the UAE school inspection puzzle—Seva provides support and guidance throughout all the stages of school inspection, from collecting performance evidence to inspection review.

Save time and effort and focus on what matters most to the school’s development​

Save 100+ hours a year using Seva digital school inspection application and fulfill the UAE school inspection requirements with ease.

Gather performance evidence quick, fast, easy—and on the go ​

Get inspection prep in order with an actionable checklist and helpful tips, paving the way for a smoother and stress-free inspection process.

Digitize, optimize and codify documentation for school inspection in simple, easy steps​

Collect self-evaluation evidence, provide feedback, and submit an application for inspection—all in one place, and accessed by all team members.


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